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Top Sports that Boost Your Intelligence

id you know that playing sports can actually boost your intelligence? It’s true! Most people already know that playing sports is a great way to get regular physical exercise which goes a long way towards keeping your body healthy and happy, but sports have mental benefits as well. Let’s take a closer look at the top sports you could be playing in order to boost your intelligence.


Basketball requires you to develop very high accuracy in both hand-to-eye coordination, determining distance, and making on-the-fly calculations regarding the trajectory of the basketball and even the moves of other players. The many skills you must hone in order to succeed at basketball go a long way towards increasing your intelligence.


If you learn to play chess, you will be definitely be increasing your intelligence. Chess has been shown to increase problem-solving skills, motor skills, and essential mental developmental skills that are honed every time you bring out your chess sets. Playing chess regularly is a great way to make yourself smarter, especially if you take the time to practice and learn about chess strategies.메이저사이트

Martial Arts

Marital arts cover a wide variety of sports, but all of them can help you increase your intelligence. Martial arts require you to develop patience, self-discipline, as well as increased problem-solving and visual accuracy skills. All of these skills combined together will help you increase your intelligence over time.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world--and it can actually make you smarter, too. Soccer requires you to develop the ability to think on the fly while calculating various factors such as what angle to kick a ball based on wind conditions, the proper speed to keep before kicking a ball, and so on. These fast-paced problem solving skills can go a long way towards boosting your intelligence.


Tennis is fast-paced, high strategy sport that requires your brain to be constantly alert and recalculating your strategy based on the moves of your opponent. Because you must be constantly using fast problem solving skills, tennis is a great way to increase your intelligence, as it forces your brain to work harder and harder in order to keep up with your opponents on the court.

Body Building

Body building is definitely an underrated sport when it comes to increasing your intelligence. Body building requires plenty of physical stamina, and physical activity; the act of body building actually improves and increase the blood flow to your brain, which promotes the formation of new neuron cells in the brain. In return, this improves your brain power, effectively making you smarter. It’s not just your muscles that get bigger when you make an effort to body build!

Final Thoughts https://www.notojoa.com

There are many sports that can help you increase your intelligence over time; whether you’re breaking out the chess sets or picking up a basketball, you can rest assured that both your body and your mind will be getting the exercise that they need when you take up the above sports in your spare time.

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